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Trading robots.
Algorithms that work

Gramtradeoption allows algorithmic trading for all accounts, including Binary Options
Gramtradeoption allows testing robots on demo accounts
Gramtradeoption is open for cooperation with developers of trading robots and recommends the best of them to clients

Trading robots from partners of Gramtradeoption:

High quality trading strategies
Option to estimate the chosen robot’s profitability with Investor password (trading for over 1year)
Customized robots
Currency pairs robots work with - EURUSD and GBPUSD
No requotes when trading in Gramtradeoption terminal
Deposits start from $200
Robot Dron
Profitability: 200%

drawdown up to 30%

min deposit $200

Price $200
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Robot B-52
Profitability: 788%

drawdown up to 40%

min deposit $500

Price $788
Buy a robot
Robot Stealth
Profitability: 600%

drawdown up to 60%

min deposit $1000

Price $600
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What are trading robots?

A trading robot is an automated trading system that trades on financial markets. Programmed according to certain parameters, the robot analyses prices and finds the exact spot for entering the market and places a trade.

Which assets are the robots suitable for?

The best robots usually the ones that are programmed to trade a single asset. Since favorable trading conditions are important for automated systems, traders mainly choose Forex Majors due to the tight spreads and higher liquidity.

Monthly profitability

Robots usually offer profitability of 20% to 80%. The numbers may differ depending on the type of the robot and trader’s goals. An average robot pays off in 1-2 months’ time

We recommend checking the robots

It can be done in several ways. The simplest solution is to use a build-in strategy tester and perform the test on a demo account. However, such approaches are not always 100% accurate and don't reflect the current situation. The best proof of genuineness of a robot is its profitability on a real account according to the account history. You can verify your robot through an independent trading accounts monitoring service

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