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For the LAMM Manager

Are you a successful trader and want to increase your income? – Become a manager of a GC LAMM account and get commission from your investors! LAMM accounts are basically a new generation of PAMMs. Just let independent investors “copy” your trades and receive the commission amount you set by yourself! Your account history is displayed in the manager’s rating on the GC website so any investor can find and join it. The more successful your account is the higher commission you can set! The system automatically “copies” your deals so there is absolutely no extra work required from you! Just trade as usual and receive extra profit!

New: the LAMM service for Binary Options accounts!

We’ve introduced a new service for you. Now you can earn more by providing Binary Options trading signals! Diversify your trading portfolio with new instruments for Binary Options accounts.

LAMM service on binary options is similar to familiar LAMM service. For your convenience, we have implemented a new filter in the managers’ rating, so you can sort LAMMs by account types: Classic Standard, Classic Micro and Options accounts.

Profitability up to 86%, popular instruments and unique bonuses for Binary Options trading are now available for Gramtradeoption managers

Advantages of LAMM Accounts in Gramtradeoption

  • Investor's funds are not being transferred to the manager's account and stay on the investor's account all the time.

  • An investor can manage the risks by setting the amount of funds reserved for LAMM trading.

  • An investor can disconnect from the manager's account or cancel the deal at any time.

  • The manager can choose the desirable type of compensation: fixed commission or a certain percentage from the investor's profit

  • The manager uses personal funds for trading

  • All transactions are copied automatically.

How it Works

Creating a managed account

Investor 1 Replication ratio: 2
Balance: $1 000

Manager Commission: 20%
Balance: $1 000

Investor 2 Replication ratio: 1
Balance: $1 000

  • The manager deposited $1 000 and asked in his offer the reward of 20% from profit for the period
  • The investor 1 with deposit $1 000 joined his/her account
  • The investor 2 with deposit $1 000 joined his/her account
  • The manager’s transactions are copied to the investor’s 1 account with copy index 2. The manager’s transactions are copied to the investor’s 2 account with copy index 1.

At the end of the investment period

Investor 1 Profit $2 000
Manager's commission $400
Balance $2 600

Manager Profit $1 000
Commission $600
Balance $2 600

Investor 2 Profit $1 000
Manager's commission $200
Balance $1 800

  • The investor 1 took profit 200% of the first deposit ($1 000) because transactions had been copied with index 2 and paid the manager 20% from profit ($400). His/her final balance is $2 600.
  • The investor 2 took profit 100% of the first deposit ($1 000) and paid the manager 20% from profit ($200). His/her final balance is $1 800
  • The manager took profit 100% of the first deposit ($1 000) and got reward 20% from the investor’s 1 profit and the investor’s 2 profit ($600). His/her final balance is $2 600

How to Become a Manager

  1. Log into your Private Office
  2. If you do not have open accounts then open and deposit a Standard or a Micro account. Start trading to show your level of proficiency and the results of your trading activity will be shown in the managers rating.
  3. If you already have an account, log into your Private Office, choose your Standard or Micro account and press “Become a manager” button. After that your account statistics will be added to the managers’ rating
  4. In your Private Office you can see requests from investors and follow your account's Forum updates.

Managers' Rating

Account Profitability for the last 3 months Age
1 Trader_2015_1:635600 239.0% 119 days
2 PUSCHOK:690651 193.8% 37 days
3 Sergey0503:682812 172.79% 53 days
4 Gintaras:605847 156.07% 163 days
5 Avizn:627795 144.45% 41 days
6 Potapov_R_B:289932 134.94% 983 days
7 3M3409:689156 123.45% 40 days
8 ProForex1:683333 116.71% 52 days

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